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Monday Must-Haves: Floral Maxi Dress

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Happy Memorial Day everyone! A huge thank you to all of the brave individuals who have fought (and are fighting!) for our country, we remember and are grateful to each and every one of you on this beautiful Memorial Day.

This has been an absolutely gorgeous weekend, so I decided to feature a definite summer must, the floral maxi dress! I bought this one last year, and it’s been such a great addition to my closet. It’s light, airy, and fun and can be worn for so many occasions (plus the color looks fabulous with a nice summer glow!). Whether your throwing it on for a summer backyard dinner party or to more casual wedding, you can’t go wrong! Since I did buy this dress last year, I can’t find the exact dress I’m wearing, but I’ve linked up several other awesome choices (check out the right ‘Shop’ sidebar!).

XO, Katie

P.S. Jason and I just invested in a new lens for our camera (Nikon D3300), so you’ll have to excuse us while we learn the ins and outs of it, we’re learning slowly but surely!! We would greatly appreciate any photography tips any of you guys might have!

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Sun Hat & Stripes

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In the summertime, I almost exclusively live in dresses. They’re so easy and cute and make for a lighter suitcase during any summer trips. And I already know that this dress is going to be a favorite. I just picked it up earlier this week at Francesca’s, and I am so in love. I mean it’s navy, striped, is super soft and has pockets, what more could you want in a casual summer dress?!

Quick sidebar, these shoes have been so awesome. I’ve been in love with the Valentino Rockstud collection for some time now (who hasn’t?) but as a recent college grad who hasn’t started their job yet, the price tag is pretty far out of my current budget. One day, I was browsing some of Target’s sandals online and I came across these beauties. They are such a great dupe of the Valentino pair, I instantly fell in love (and bought two pairs in case one gets ruined). I’ve linked them over on the right hand side of the page if you want to buy some for yourself!

XO, Katie

P.S. I couldn’t link up this exact dress in the post, but I did find a similar one that’s linked. You can find this exact dress at a Francesca’s store or on their website!

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Monday Must-Haves: White Sneakers



Hi everyone! In today’s Monday Must-Have post I’m talking about one of my most worn pair of shoes that is currently in my closet, my white Converse. These cute little sneakers are so comfortable and so versatile, you can wear them with just about anything. I have the low top and the high top versions. And being a former (still weird to say) college student, I wore these sneakers all the time. The best part is, when they get dirty, as most white shoes do, you can just toss them right in the washer and they come out looking brand new!

This outfit is one of my favorite go-to looks for just running around town. Leggings and chambray are such a classic and chic look. It’s always what I end up wearing if nothing else seems to be working that day. This look would even be a great outfit for work if you dressed it up with some jewelry and heels! What are some of your most loved shoes?!

XO, Katie

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Sun’s Out, Shoulder’s Out


DSC_0067edit DSC_0365editDSC_0526 I’m so thrilled to finally see the sun shining again, and I thought it would be the perfect day to bust out my first off the shoulder top! I’ve been going back and forth with my opinions on this trend for awhile now, but then J.Crew came out with one and I decided it was time to give it a shot. I loved the bright yellow color, which is a color I don’t have much of, and thought the style looked like it would be really cute. I wound up loving this top so much, it’s so fun for the warmer weather and is good way to mix it up!

I also found my adorable tassel sandals at Target a few days ago, and I’m super excited to wear them this summer! I’ve seen a lot of designer versions of these but until I start my job in September I have to watch my budget, so all of those were out of reach. Then I saw these for only $27.99 and instantly put them in my cart. I’ve linked them so you can find them as well. What do you guys think of the off the shoulder trend?

XO, Katie

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Monday Must-Haves: Great Jeans

DSC_0017edit DSC_0038 (1) DSC_0228editThis weekend was filled with so many emotions for me as Jason & I graduated from KU with our Master’s in Accounting. This brings the end of a four year journey, and it’s definitely bittersweet. I have so many wonderful memories here, and it’s hard to say goodbye but I know there are lots of great things to look forward to now that we’re out in the “real world”. It was amazing to have all of our friends and families with us all weekend to celebrate, we are so very blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

For today’s Monday Must-Have I’m talking about jeans, great jeans in fact. I think there is huge value in having one pair of high quality denim in your wardrobe. The jeans I’m wearing in this post are Paige Denim, and they are the best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. They’re soft, comfortable (seriously, almost as comfy as leggings) and super flattering. I think that high quality denim like these jeans, look much more polished and dressier than some of the other denim out there. Especially for those of us who work in office settings with casual Friday’s, it’s nice to have some beautiful denim to pull out of the closet!

P.S. The Hunter boots in this post were a incredibly thoughtful graduation present from my very close friends so they deserve a special thank you for being so awesome!

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