Bustin’ Open the Birchbox: July


First, things have been CRAZY over the last week. We’re currently in the process of moving, and that’s just sent everything into a whirlwind of chaos. Once we’re a little more settled I will update you all on where and why we moved!

In an attempt to bring some more beauty posts to this blog, I figured one of the best ways to do this is to share one of my monthly beauty favorites, Birchbox! Now I know there are a ton of monthly beauty subscription options out there nowadays, but I’ve had Birchbox for almost two years and I still can’t wait for that little box every month.

Not only am I going to share what’s in my box, but I will include my review of the products. Birchbox is how I’ve found so many of my favorite products recently, and hopefully it can inspire you to try something you’ve been thinking about too (or even getting your own Birchbox subscription)! Birchbox is also one of my favorite gifts to give because the recipient keeps getting their gift for several months after! Plus who doesn’t love getting things in the mail?

  1. Balance Me Radiance Face Mask- I’ve tried a few of the Balance Me masks before, and this one wasn’t a whole lot different. I like to use masks to give my skin a “refresh” but didn’t notice anything particularly special about this one. I do like that the Balance Me line is fairly natural, as I have uber sensitive skin.  I still plan on using up my sample to give my skin a little boost every so often.
  2. Benefit They’re Real Mascara- I was super happy to get this in my box this month because I’ve been dying to try it, but unwilling to spend the money until I knew if I liked it or not. Safe to say now that I’ve tried it, I will be purchasing this mascara because it’s AMAZING.
  3. DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight Weightless Waves Mild Lather Cleanser- For Wavy Hair- I’m always hesitant to try new shampoos, as I am a diehard Moroccanoil fan, and this one was interesting to say the least. I found that it didn’t really suds up, which I expected because it’s “Low-Poo”, but I did like the nice light, clean smell. When my hair dried, it did leave it wavier than normal, to the point that I felt like I didn’t HAVE to do something with it if I was just doing something casual. It’s also a really good sized sample, which is a nice bonus! I still felt like my hair wasn’t quite “clean”, I guess maybe because of the lack of suds. It didn’t convert me from my Moroccanoil, but I still liked it!
  4. LOC Ultra-Lip Gloss Pencil- Punch Line- This lip color is so fabulous! It’s very lightweight (perfect for those hot summer days), but still has a great pop of color. Definietly will be adding some more colors to my cart!
  5. Shiseido Ultimate Infusing Concentrate- I was so excited to try this when I saw it in my box because it’s a very good sized sample considering the price of the full size. I was not disappointed. I saw a visible difference in my skin after just one use, it was brighter, firmer and just gave me kind of a dewy complexion all day long. Although, I’m personally not a fan of the smell, I loved the product and definitely think it’s worth the steeper price tag.
  6. Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate- I haven’t really dabbled much in the world of eye creams/serums, so I can’t give a good comparison between this one and other products. I deal with eye eczema, so I am super cautious about trying new products anywhere near my eyes. After trying the Ultimate Infusing Concentrate I was excited to try this, but I didn’t necessarily see the same type of results. From what I’ve read elsewhere, it’s something you’re supposed to use more continuously to see more drastic results, but I have a hard time justifying the $65 when I’m a little unsure. Although it didn’t flare up my eye eczema, so that is saying something right there!

Does anyone else have any experiences or thoughts on these products?! I’d love to hear them!

XO, Katie


Wearing my LOC lip color!

3 Responses to Bustin’ Open the Birchbox: July

  1. Jenn says:

    The Shiseido concentrate was something I tried in BB awhile back and ended up loving too! I was really surprised at the difference, though because of the price I never did buy it. That LOC color looks great! I have an eyeshadow one that I really love the formula of.

  2. I keep thinking that I need to sign up for one of these subscription boxes! It would be so cool to get new stuff to try every month. I’ve also been holding out on the Benefit mascara for fear of not liking such an expensive product. Your pic at the bottom is too cute!

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