A Review of Function of Beauty

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So in the interest of full disclosure, I won a gift card to Function of Beauty in another bloggers Instagram giveaway. Since it was a new product, and awesome concept, I thought I may as well take the opportunity to create a review for all of you while I try out this shampoo and conditioner for myself.

First thing, you can take a quick hair quiz to help you decide what you’re looking for in a shampoo and conditioner, and find the best fit for you.  Taking the quiz actually made me realize a couple of hair goals I may not have otherwise thought of. In the quiz you’ll specify things like your natural hair type, the thickness of your strands, and moisture of your scalp. Then you select five hair goals (which is the fun part), I chose strengthen, hydrate, volumize, color protection and shine. Normally, I wouldn’t have chosen volumize, but lately my hair has been feeling a little flat so I thought it might be a nice change. Then finally, you pick the color, scent, and size of your shampoo. I was probably most worried about the scent, because I don’t like my shampoo/conditioner to be overpowering. I ended up choosing the sandalwood violet scent!

Now, right off the bat I was so impressed at how quickly my order was turned around. I received my customized set in less than a week! My personalized bottles came in the most adorable little package, and smelled so GOOD. I fell in love with the scent immediately, its very subtle but still smells wonderful. After just the first use, I could immediately see all of my “hair goals” come to life. My hair was much more voluminous, even after a couple days of not washing. It felt hydrated, shiner and maybe I’m in love but maybe even a little stronger too!

Needless to say I am very pleased with my Function of Beauty order and if you too are thinking of trying it I would say DO IT! At $32 for a 8oz shampoo and 8oz conditioner, it honestly is a great deal for the quality. I will definitely be ordering again when this set runs out. Oh, and that’s the other great thing- once you create an online profile it will save your order so it just takes one simple click to reorder. Or you can create a totally new one too! A girl has got to love options right? Have any of you ever tried Function of Beauty? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

XO, Katie

P.S. If you’re interested in trying out Function of Beauty, you can use my referral link here: functionofbeauty.com/?ref=579627D765DA7 (again, in the interest of full disclosure by using this link I get $5 credit to FOB, but so do you…it’s a win win for everyone!)

6 Responses to A Review of Function of Beauty

  1. sounds like a good product! I’m always looking for new inexpensive shampoos and conditioners!

  2. Christal says:

    I’m like you Katie, I hate for my hair products to have an overpowering scent! Sandalwood Violet does sound heavenly though ♥ Great review, I think it’s great when a company can make customized products for their customers!

  3. Such beautiful packaging too! I’ve never heard of this company, but sounds like great products!

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